Saskia Fiedler

Saskia Fiedler has recently joined the group of Prof. Albert Polman at AMOLF as a postdoctoral researcher. She received her Physics degree (equivalent to MSc) from Free University Berlin, Germany where she performed optical near-field microscopy on biological samples as part of her thesis in the group of Prof. Paul Fumagalli. Afterwards, most of her work has revolved around electron microscopy with the main focus on cathodoluminescence (CL) and photoluminescence spectroscopy of various nanostructured materials. During her PhD at University of Technology Sydney, Australia in the group of Prof. Matthew R. Phillips, she designed and built laser light injection into the existing SEM-CL system to study the coupling mechanism of plasmons and excitons in wide bandgap semiconductor nanorods. Her first Postdoc in the group of N. Asger Mortensen at the Southern University of Denmark focused more on coherent CL experiments, investigating plasmonic and dielectric nanostructures, as well as the expansion of the SEM to allow for autocorrelation measurements of 2D materials and single photon emitters.

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