Postdoc position: Pump-probe cathodoluminescence spectroscopy of quantum nanomaterials
Deadline for application January 8, 2019

Project description
We have constructed a unique time-resolved cathodoluminescence (CL) microscope in which picosecond electron pulses create optical excitations at 10 nm spatial resolution. The 30 keV electron source is driven by 250 fs laser pulses, enabling picosecond CL pump-probe spectroscopy: samples can be optically excited and probed with CL, or excited with electrons and probed with laser excitation. We will use this new instrument to study ultrafast dynamics in 2D materials, plasmonic and dielectric metamaterials, hot carrier processes, coherent optical spectroscopy, and more. We will also explore how electron wavefunctions in a SEM can be tailored by interaction with suitably tailored optical near fields in nanophotonic geometries. The SEM-CL microscope is then operated as a quantum instrument in which initial electron states are entangled with materials excitations.

About the group

The Photonic Materials group, led by Prof. Albert Polman, studies light-matter interactions at the nanoscale. The group is composed of an international team of PhD students, postdocs and masters students that work in a collaborative atmosphere with many social group activities. Every week we hold group meeting, CL team meeting, and group journal club. We are part of AMOLFs Center for Nanophotonics that is composed of 7 nanophotonics research groups (60 PhD students and postdocs) and holds a weekly nanophotonics colloquium. See for info on CL.

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