Voor niets gaat de zon op – “The sun rises for free”

A theatre lecture performance developed by Albert Polman and Jan van den Berg.

Albert Polman; Zonne-energie en lichtmanagement; De Purmaryn, Purmerend    Lecture theatre   

A 60-minute demonstration of the beauty of light, and how light from the sun can be used to generate the entire energy need of our society. With lasers, rainbows, satellites, solar panels, atomic building blocks, the periodic table of the elements, and a movie of the nanoworld. Followed by a question-and-answer session with the audience.

Stage performance: Albert Polman
Producer: Jan van den Berg, Theater AdHoc
Stage design: Hannie van den Bergh, Studio HB
Light design: Jeroen Smith, Evelements

Performances in the Netherlands are in Dutch, abroad in English.

June 23, 2022: EPFL, Lausanne, SeeFuture Conference
March 24, 2022, Rotary Amersfoort
December 15, 2018, WND national physics teachers conference, Noordwijkerhout
January 24, 2018, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
27 november 2017 – Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
5 november 2016 – Universiteit van Amsterdam
28 september 2016 – Schouwburg Rotterdam
7 april 2016 – Theater aan het Spui, Den Haag
13 maart 2016 – Theater t Zand, Maarssen
27 januari 2016 – Theater De Verkadefabriek, Den Bosch
11 januari 2016 – Parktheater, Philipszaal, Eindhoven
3 oktober 2015 – Science Park Amsterdam, Open Dag
15 april 2015 – Frascati Theater, Amsterdam (première)
28 september 2015 – Stadsschouwburg, Blauwe zaal, Utrecht
10 september 2015 – DokH20, Deventer
25 juni 2015 – Utrecht University
16 april 2015 – Frascati Theater, Amsterdam
16 april 2015 – oratie, Universiteit Amsterdam
17 november 2014 – De Purmaryn, Purmerend (try-out)

Movies featuring Albert Polman

The sun rises for free – Monash University, Australia (27-11-2017)
Light management in new photovoltaic materials – UNSW, Sydney, Australia  (14-12-2017)
The sun is an awesome source of power – Australian Academy of Sciences (24-1-2018)