New ultrafast SEM cathodoluminescence microscopes presented

Academic-industry collaboration leads to product on the market in two years

Our group together with Delmic and ThermoFisher presented two new cathodoluminescence microscopes that can take optical images at the nanoscale with a time resolution down to 1 ps. Click here for the press release.

AMOLF, ThermoFisher and Delmic project team at on of the new ultrafast SEM-CL systems. From left to right: Erik Kieft (ThermoFisher), Ernst Jan Vesseur (ThermoFisher), Nico Clemens (ThermoFisher), Sophie Meuret (Amolf), Toon Coenen (Delmic/Amolf), Albert Polman (Amolf), Sander den Hoedt (Delmic), Andries Effting (Delmic) and Magda Sola Garcia (Amolf).

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